Week 10: Sleep IS the best medicine

There’s a quote about the best medicine. Actually there are several quotes, The most often used is “Laughter is the best medicine.” And I do agree, laughter is awesome. It has definitely lightened my spirit on many an occassion. There are also other things considered to be the best medicine walking brisk walking sunlight a […]

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Sorry not sorry..

I have a xanax prescription but I try not to take more than my prescribed 1mg per day. However, if I have not slept a while and my xanax just got renewed, I admit to taking 1.5x or 2x the prescribed dose. As expected, it puts me to sleep for a good portion of the […]

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Learning to relax the body

As I continue in my quest to improve my sleep, I’ve been paying more attention to how I feel, to how my body feels. I started noticing just how tense I am, how tense I spend my days and how very tense I am at bed time. It’s no wonder I have such diffficulty sleeping […]

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Week 4: Me thinks I jinxed myself

In my last post, I wrote of how things seemed to be falling into place and indeed they were. I was working out, sleeping better and feeling pretty darn good about myself. It appears I spoke too soon. This past week, everything fell apart. Well not everything, my sleep primarily. From getting pretty good sleep, […]

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Lyrics in my mind

When I saw today’s prompt, I thought, I’d write a piece about synchronizing my sleep. How I’ve been sleeping better which I have. And so on and so forth. Instead the lyrics below kept going through my mind. 🎵”Let’s synchronize our..”🎵 I couldn’t quite remember the last word but could hear the song. I was […]

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