And just like that, my insomnia is back. I don’t get it. I don’t understand! It’s so frustrating!

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Quite candidly

Compared to yesterday, today is starkly different. Much cooler, grayer, gloomier, quiter. Where the sun shone brightly yesterday, today there is nothing but gray clouds in the sky. Looks like it might rain. It’s the perfect morning for breakfast in bed whilst watching a favorite TV show. So that’s precisely what I’m doing. Having breakfast […]

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Week 3: In a good place.

Week 3 has been good. Things seem to be falling into place. I have started working out and I’m sorta kinda sleeping better. For the last two weeks, I have managed to do 15-25 minutes of Taebo at least four times a week. I love Taebo. It’s not a new exercise to me. I used […]

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Week 2: chronic bronchitis

Well, I spent the first week of 2018 battling chronic bronchitis. It’s taking even longer than usual. I’ve basically been sick since Christmas Eve. I have taken 1 round of antibiotics. Looks like I may need a second doze. That’s about it really. Chronic bronchitis kinda sucks. I hate all the coughing and congestion! At […]

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Week 1: 2018 blogging goals

I admire those of us who can post a blog everyday! It’s pretty amazing. I think this past year, I may have managed on average maybe 2 posts a week. As I sat down to think about my writing goals for the new year, I very much wanted to #apostaday but I know it will […]

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Drew a blank..for a moment

It’s 4°F (-16°C) degrees today. There’s a windchill advisory in effect until tonight. I also have a terrible cough. Freezing temps and not feeling well calls for something hot..No, not that. Chicken soup, chilli or something. I had the mind to make some porridge. I used to make it often but it’s been a while […]

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Braving the cold

No doubt today is cold. As I understood it, the dipping temperature is on track to break some record or other for this day in December. But when one is cozy and warm indoors, one has no idea how cold it really is outside. I needed a break so I decided to brave the cold […]

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