The best words

I shall not claim to have the best words as a recent presidential candidate did. But there’s a thing about words: how beautiful and eloquent they are, how they spring to your mind, how perfectly suitable a specific word can be. I remember reading the dictionary as a young girl and not as homework either. I mean who does that right? But I digress. My point is that words are..uhm.. interesting.

Let’s take a word such as caper. Who would think one of it’s meanings is to skip playfully? I wouldn’t have. It sounded more like someone who caps something that needs capping I guess. But that would be capper and apparently capper is a word too. A capper is someone or device that caps stuff such as caps onto bottles. It also means finale, ending and so on and forth. 

I just realized something else, this playing around with words is sort of capering too isn’t it? I would submit that it is indeed a type of capering, only with words not a skipping rope or game.

Daily Prompt: Pluck

Usually, I arrange my work clothes for the next day before I go to bed. Yesterday, I felt tired and a little lazy and decided I would just do it in the morning.

In an effort to beat traffic, I leave the house pretty early. So I’m rushing and I just plucked a shirt out of my closet to wear with my jeans. My only interest was that it have a collar. A collar helps when you are wearing a lab coat otherwise you look like just a blob of white. 

Then later, facebook showed me a memory of this day two years ago and I’m wearing this exact same shirt! I haven’t worn this top all year long. In fact, I really think the last time I wore it was two years ago. What are the odds that a shirt I just plucked out of my closet would be the very same shirt that wold appear in my memories feed.

Weird. Life has these little weird odd idiosyncrasies that are amazing and puzzling too.

Daily Prompt: Snack

I’m sitting here in my car in the parking lot at work looking at today’s daily prompt wondering what it prompts me to write.

I arrive at work early. well, I leave the house early to avoid being caught in traffic. It’s amazing how leaving the house 5 minutes later makes such a big difference in traffic. If I leave the house later than 7:15am, I will be late. And if I leave about 7:10am, I arrive 25 minutes early. It’s pretty amazing!

But back to snack. What’s been on my mind lately is how to adjust my eating habits so that what I eat supports my sleep. I’m discovering new (to me) snacks that support sleep. A couple snack ideas are pretzels and corn chips. These snacks have a high glycemic index which raise your insulin levels which somehow helps you drop off at night. I’m still not clear on when is the best time to have this snacks..a few hours before sleep? when I’m not able to sleep? When I awake in the night?

So I’m doing a lot of research because I am determined to sleep better.

New Priorities

The solstice was just a couple of days ago. I took the time to check in with where I am with my goals and resolutions for the year. 

I’ve made some progress but I also realized that more than anything else, I really need to work on self care. My sleep sucks. I am consistently sleep deprived and fatigued which just seeps into every aspect of my life. 

I am rearranging my priorities and committing to them. For a while, my focus is:-

  • Better sleep habits
  • Positive affirmations
  • Visualizations
  • Healthy food choices
  • Emotional well-being