Week 16: More of the same

I mean that’s life right? It’s pretty mundane. Same thing, day in day out. We have our daily lists made up of a mix of things like work, parenting, chores, school, study, sleep or lack thereof, pastimes, a major event here and there. The trick is finding meaning in those mundane days. Ok, have I […]

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Then I meditate

Sometimes life becomes too distracting and disruptive that I neglect to carve out the 10-13 minutes I need for my #DailyCalm guided meditations. And I forget how much I enjoy them, how serene yet alive I feel after these brief sessions, and how bit by bit, that calm feeling is staying with me longer and […]

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Dear sleep, I can explain

Dear sleep: Look, I can explain. For two straight nights, you’ve run away from me despite my pleas. Ok, I was too desperate. I get it. I begged too much, tossed too much, turned too much, snacked too much, sipped too much, browsed too much, Netflixed too much. Oh wow!, you are right. It was […]

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One word: Ugh!

Is that a word? Probably not. It’s more an expression I guess. Whatever it is, ugh! No, actually a big fat UGH! I hate when sleep is as elusive as it is tonight. I hate that I get anxious when that happens. I hate that the anxiety feeds on itself creating even more anxiety. I […]

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Week 12: 12-hour Work Days

Wow!, that week just flew by. I didn’t even get a chance to post a single blog not even any of the daily prompts. I’ve been leaving the house about 8am and returning around 8pm. I usually have dinner and head to bed. No exercise, no chores, no writing, no nothing..just work. I hope I’ve […]

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3:21 am

I wish I could wax some poetic or deeply meaningful stuff or something. Isn’t there a supposed link about 3am and artistic talent? Or something like that. This meme certainly alludes to it. But Nope, all I can think of is: It’s 3:21am. And I’ll be up the proverbial creek without a paddle in the […]

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