Where do they go?

Those who have gone before us..where do they go? It’s a question I’ve been asking myself more frequently since mom passed almost a month ago. Along with, why did she go? Why now? Why at all? Why? why? why? I don’t really care about the questions or the answers. I just want my mom back. […]

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Ignorance is bliss

How many times have I said to a grieving family “thoughts and prayers..”, “RIP”, “My sincere condolences” And I meant it. I empathized. But I realize now that I truly knew nothing of grief. There’s no grief like when death touches your family. Death has passed our way before..twenty years ago when our brother died. […]

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Bye mom

In the early morning of May 22, my mom passed away. We had talked around 7pm the night before. She said she had a bad cold and had some chest pain. She said she would go to the doctor in the morning. But she did not make it to the next morning. She had severe […]

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Ketogenic anyone?

Two days ago, I stumbled across the documentary, The Magic Pill on Netflix and found it to be so fascinating. Briefly, the hypothesis behind this documentary is that our bodies are more adept at using fat for fuel than it is at using carbohydrates. According to the documentary, humans actually evolved eating mostly meat, vegetables […]

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