Lazy Sunday Morning

It is just a little after 9:30 am on Sunday morning here in the midwest.  I’m having breakfast in bed while listening to BBC Radio 2 online. The sky is gray and cloudy which is just perfect for a lazy Sunday morning doing a little of all the following: Journaling Meal planning Listening to music […]

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Week 6: It is what it is.

This is basically where I am sleepwise. But I’m sick and tired of talking about it. So on to other stuff this week. I made the mistake of entering my phone number on one of those ever increasing online forms and ended up spending several days fending off Quicken Loans. These guys are totally relentless. […]

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Week 1: 2018 blogging goals

I admire those of us who can post a blog everyday! It’s pretty amazing. I think this past year, I may have managed on average maybe 2 posts a week. As I sat down to think about my writing goals for the new year, I very much wanted to #apostaday but I know it will […]

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A crumb of hope

It’s funny how we forget one basic rule of life: The only constant is change. That whatever we are going through: sadness, loss, happiness, joy, whatever, it is bound to change. That is a fact of life. This is especially hard to remember during sad or low times, times of misfortune and so on. Lately, […]

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Thank you Sun

I confess I don’t much like summer. It’s too hot and humid here in the midwest. If I could order my weather as we do dinner, I’d order a nice crisp fall, with a gentle breeze in the air. Oh yes, that would do quite nicely. But without the contrast of a hot humid summer […]

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New Priorities

The solstice was just a couple of days ago. I took the time to check in with where I am with my goals and resolutions for the year.  I’ve made some progress but I also realized that more than anything else, I really need to work on self care. My sleep sucks. I am consistently […]

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