Ketogenic anyone?

Two days ago, I stumbled across the documentary, The Magic Pill on Netflix and found it to be so fascinating. Briefly, the hypothesis behind this documentary is that our bodies are more adept at using fat for fuel than it is at using carbohydrates. According to the documentary, humans actually evolved eating mostly meat, vegetables […]

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Week 12: 12-hour Work Days

Wow!, that week just flew by. I didn’t even get a chance to post a single blog not even any of the daily prompts. I’ve been leaving the house about 8am and returning around 8pm. I usually have dinner and head to bed. No exercise, no chores, no writing, no nothing..just work. I hope I’ve […]

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A bee hive!?!

I am not quite sure what prompted me to look outside. There was a lot of noise from the cicadas and I looked out. There is a large Oak tree out front and I thought I noticed something up in the tree which upon closer examination turned out to be a bee hive. And I’ve […]

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Daily Prompt: Triumph

I’ve been putting off going to my community garden with one excuse or another. But having the morning off today, I resolved to get it done.  Grabbing my gardening tools and bag, I headed out. As expected, the weeds had run rampant and my plants were looking limp in the heat.  After spending over an hour weeding […]

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Raised beds Day 1

After much neglect, I finally made it to my raised beds at the community garden yesterday afternoon. The last time I was there was last fall. I could barely remember if I had cleared the beds or not. I soon learned that apparently I had not cleared the beds. Tbis is how they looked: In […]

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