A bee hive!?!

I am not quite sure what prompted me to look outside. There was a lot of noise from the cicadas and I looked out. There is a large Oak tree out front and I thought I noticed something up in the tree which upon closer examination turned out to be a bee hive. And I’ve […]

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Daily Prompt: Triumph

I’ve been putting off going to my community garden with one excuse or another. But having the morning off today, I resolved to get it done.  Grabbing my gardening tools and bag, I headed out. As expected, the weeds had run rampant and my plants were looking limp in the heat.  After spending over an hour weeding […]

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Raised beds Day 1

After much neglect, I finally made it to my raised beds at the community garden yesterday afternoon. The last time I was there was last fall. I could barely remember if I had cleared the beds or not. I soon learned that apparently I had not cleared the beds. Tbis is how they looked: In […]

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