A bee hive!?!

I am not quite sure what prompted me to look outside. There was a lot of noise from the cicadas and I looked out. There is a large Oak tree out front and I thought I noticed something up in the tree which upon closer examination turned out to be a bee hive.

And I’ve been trying to figure out what to do. I don’t want them harmed or destroyed. I am however concerned about the location of the hive. That branch overhangs the street and is not one of the sturdiest on the tree.

We’ve had pretty severe weather with high winds and my concern is if the branch ever breaks from bad weather.

I’ve found a list of local bee keepers and I’m calling around to see if one of them can come remove the hive or swarm. I really don’t know much about bee hives beyond their role as pollinators. I make sure I include flowers in my garden that attract bees and also we don’t use pesticides for the most part. But other than that, I find myself clueless about what to do with a bee hive. I’m getting conflicting information. With some sources saying the bees will move on and other sources saying to find a bee remover and have the bees moved.

I’m also not sure how long the bees have been there. I noticed the hive yesterday morning but cannot be sure how long they have been there.

Back to making calls. Wish me luck.

Daily Prompt: Triumph

I’ve been putting off going to my community garden with one excuse or another. But having the morning off today, I resolved to get it done. 

Grabbing my gardening tools and bag, I headed out. As expected, the weeds had run rampant and my plants were looking limp in the heat. 

After spending over an hour weeding and watering, I feel triumph! My two raised beds look pretty good. 


Raised beds Day 1

After much neglect, I finally made it to my raised beds at the community garden yesterday afternoon. The last time I was there was last fall. I could barely remember if I had cleared the beds or not. I soon learned that apparently I had not cleared the beds. Tbis is how they looked:

In between chatting with a couple of fellow gardeners, I did make some progress yesterday clearing out the debris from the beds. One of beds is more or less done. But the other needs work.

Last year I planted a few marigolds in one of my raised beds that had strawberries in it. Looks like they have more or less taken over that bed which is just as well, I feel myself quite incapable of taking care of multiple raised beds this year so I’m letting one of these beds become a flower bed. I added zinnias at the end of the bed. 

I hope to continue tomorrow.