Quite candidly

Compared to yesterday, today is starkly different. Much cooler, grayer, gloomier, quiter. Where the sun shone brightly yesterday, today there is nothing but gray clouds in the sky. Looks like it might rain. It’s the perfect morning for breakfast in bed whilst watching a favorite TV show. So that’s precisely what I’m doing. Having breakfast […]

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I’ll take a panacea, thank you

I just had my annual physical exam, I’m actually still at the doctor’s office waiting to be called for the blood work. I don’t feel like any of my concerns were addressed today. No medication for my chronic back pain, no test for my hormone levels, nothing to help with the hot flashes. I wonder […]

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Daily Prompt: Belief

I have a younger brother who was an alcoholic for most of his adult life. Several years ago, he stopped drinking cold turkey..something I would NEVER advise anyone to do. It was rough on him and our family. The symptoms of acute alcohol withdrawal are not to be taken lightly. It took about a couple […]

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A crumb of hope

It’s funny how we forget one basic rule of life: The only constant is change. That whatever we are going through: sadness, loss, happiness, joy, whatever, it is bound to change. That is a fact of life. This is especially hard to remember during sad or low times, times of misfortune and so on. Lately, […]

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Educating my brain

I listened to a fascinating TED talk recently. As I understood it, the gist of the program was how our brain biologically does not differentiate between actual events and our memories of those events. So when we rehash a traumatic event, it’s as though we were reliving that experience all over again. The brain sends […]

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