The best words

I shall not claim to have the best words as a recent presidential candidate did. But there’s a thing about words: how beautiful and eloquent they are, how they spring to your mind, how perfectly suitable a specific word can be. I remember reading the dictionary as a young girl and not as homework either. I mean who does that right? But I digress. My point is that words are..uhm.. interesting.

Let’s take a word such as caper. Who would think one of it’s meanings is to skip playfully? I wouldn’t have. It sounded more like someone who caps something that needs capping I guess. But that would be capper and apparently capper is a word too. A capper is someone or device that caps stuff such as caps onto bottles. It also means finale, ending and so on and forth. 

I just realized something else, this playing around with words is sort of capering too isn’t it? I would submit that it is indeed a type of capering, only with words not a skipping rope or game.


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