When sleep is elusive

1ad92b28fa315098e87024ebae057c1b_source-clipartkid-retro-late-work-clipart-black-and-white_800-1000Sleep has been elusive lately. A couple nights ago, I tossed and turned all night then sleep came in the morning. Lucky for me, it was not a workday so I was able to sleep in till 8am.

Last night was a whole other story. I knew I needed to work the next day so I made sure to practise good sleep habits

  • Had an early dinner.
  • Took a nice warm shower.
  • Set a deadline to get off social media and kept it.
  • Wrote in my gratitude journal and reflected on my day.
  • And to be on the safe side, I took an over the counter sleep aid.

Most advice on insomnia dissuade the use of sleep aids long term but on workdays where I have to leave the house at 4:30am to make it to work by 5am, I sometimes panic and give in despite knowing OTC sleep aids don’t work too well for me.

As usual, sleep did not come easily and I remember being up around midnight. So at that point, desperation seriously kicked in and I took a half ambien figuring I could at least sleep for 3 hours. Ambien is short lived but if I use it sparingly, it will most often knock me the heck out.

Unfortunately, I somehow I forgot to put my phone back on the bedside table and next thing I knew my alarm was going off somewhere under the covers and when I turned on the light, the time on the clock was 4:35am! and I was still in bed! OMG! Talk about panic! Ugh!! I sped through my routine and sped out of the house. I was 15 minutes late. This clip art reminded me of my rush to get to work this morning.

Looking at it now, it’s kind of funny and made me laugh.



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